Welcome to Keep Your Seat™!!

Keep Your Seat™ is a mobile bidding software designed to help you keep your seat and enjoy the event while still keeping an eye on your silent auction items.


Once you have registered and log into Keep Your Seat™, you will be presented with the Home page.

At the top of the screen is the event logo. Clicking the event logo from any screen will return you to the Home page.

Below the logo is the Search bar. Entering an item number, Category or partial description and pressing the Search icon will search the auction items. Pressing the Search icon without entering any text will return a list of all auction items.

The time left for this auction is disaplayed just below the Search bar.

If you have bid on any items, they will be listed on the Home page along with the current bid and status. Pressing anywhere on the item will open the item for continued bidding.

The Home page will automatically refresh every minute to display the most ccurrent information.

On all pages, you can jump directly to the event donation site to make a direct donation by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


The Search page will display the results of your search. Each item is listed with a picture of the item, the item number, description and the current bid.

Pressing the item will take you to the Item page.


The Item page will display the item and allow bidding.

As with all pages, the Search bar allows you to search for other auction items by item number, Category or description.

The Item page displays a picture of the item, item number, description, who donated the item, the estimated value, and the current high bid. If the item can be purchased using the Buy Noww feature, the Buy Now button and the price to Buy Now will be displayed.

Pressing the item picture will zoom the picture.

If the donator of the item has a web page, you can press the link to open that page in a new window.

Pressing the Buy Now button (if available), will close bidding for the item with you are the high bidder at the Buy Now price.

To post a bid, enter your bid price in the Your Bid field and press the Bid button. The system will validate that Your Bid is greater than or equal to the Minimum Bid amount (listed just above Your Bid).

After you bid, Keep Your Seat™ will display a message letting you know if you are the high bidder or if you were outbid. If you are the high bidder, the Bid button will be removed and replaced with a message that you are the high bidder.

Keep Your Seat™ will automatically refresh the page every few seconds to display the most current information. If you are outbid, you will receive a text message letting you know that your were outbid and the page will refresh to allow you to make further bids.

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